Episode 2.7 “YouTube Studio (limited view)”, the good, the bad and the features to add

3 min readDec 20, 2020

Welcome back to #ProdActivity! The show where we analyse and review software products/apps/websites and what activities can be done to make them better. Without further ado, let’s get started with Season 2, episode 6:

“YouTube Studio” — the good, the bad and the features to add!

If you remember, several weeks ago we analysed #YouTube main page and then I said that we will analyse other pages of YouTube in other episodes, as there are too many. Today we are analysing the YouTube studio, which is the main page for creators. Now it is a good time for a disclaimer. I am not a Youtuber or a creator, thus I may miss some parts. I will try to cover all, yet keep it short and precise. So lets get in.

Dashboard is cool and simple, you can have dedicated two buttons to upload a video or start live streaming. Both are straightforward and easy to use. You also have Channel analytics summary, which you can dive later in separate page. I do not have any views whatsoever so my analytics page is empty of data. You also YouTube Creator news and updates tabs, as well as recent subscribers tab.

The next page here is your content tab, Your old videos are listed, with simple stats infront of them. You can download, promote, delete, share or edit them from here. But that is pretty much it very simple and to the point.

The next page is the playlist page, the videos that we saved in playlists that we have created. We can created several playlists easily.

Subtitles, Analytics, Copyrights and comments page are empty in my channel, therefore can not analyse, but we will come back to this page again in another episode.

Although my monetisation page is empty, it gives a good understanding of what the page offers. First things first you need to reach a required 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours of watching time to be eligible for monetisation, you need to have original, i.e not copyrighted content and you should enable monetisation and ads.

The next thing is customisation of the channel, you can have a starter video, a trailer, featured sections and more. You can view them in channel, and keep changing them as you go.

The next stop is the audio library. If you want to be paid from ads and do not want your videos to be deleted, you should use copyright free audio material. Thankfully YouTube provides with hundreds of tracks for free that you can use. In this section you can search and filter these tracks as well. I did not know that this section exists and it is super cool.

Today we tried (emphasis on tried)to capture the analysis of YoTtube Studio with my limited knowledge and I promise to come back to it with a creator feedback and redo this episode or edit this episode and add those remarks! Thanks a lot for listening and as always remember to check Anchor channel for audio version and check Teespring link in the description for apparel by GetGuided. Thanks for listening, stay safe, talk to you later.




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